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We've always been a small agency with big agency talent. Validation is that our talent was raided three times. Our staff has always been creative. So, when 'Big Agency USA' came, our defections were as good as anybody. We believe in providing a foundation with options.  

So, take a look at our work and remember, we can provide you with affordable PR and marketing.


Case Study

Client:        Skincare Company

Problem:  Lagging, sluggish sales.

Analysis:  Demographic research urged marketing in adjacent communities. 

Approach: Public Relations and marketing strategies to raise the client's profile. 

We hosted events in conjunction with medical professionals at local hospitals whereby the client advised women on proper usage of certain skin care products for chemo and burn victims. 

Native ads, press releases, media coverage, collateral, and participation at small business forums on television 

Result:  300% increase in revenue at the conclusion of our 12-month campaign

Case Study:

Client: Health & Beauty Spa

Problem: New entrepreneurial venture. Client lacked name recognition.

Approach: Research determined likely customers. Client engaged in outreach via collateral and gyms and health clinics stressing wellness. PR included free membership giveaway, video, online ads, native ads in digital magazines, creating a high-end impression.

Result: Client exceeded projected revenue by 60% by their second month.


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If you are a designer, you need to market. Kate Moss ain't heard of you -- yet. Marketing campaigns, if propelled with professional Public Relations will not only give your clothing notice  but will get you that much closer to preeminence. 

Two Case Studies

Carson Dunn Media has assisted start-up companies seeking to establish themselves as online shopping clubs. Despite business similarities, they are distinctly presented and their brands set apart with video.

Our strategy pinpoints the right targets to avoid conflict of loyalties. We use PR centered marketing to maximize a client's ROI.

Our agency is known for striving for clients to achieve profitability, increasing revenue exceeding 25% at the end of four months.

If you have experienced stagnation during the last quarter or so of your business, Carson Dunn Media Marketing & Public Relations is the agency for you.

Affordable Marketing

Yes, there is such a thing.  Promotional dollars can be expanded by including online advertising and OHH in every marketing and PR effort. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Caveat -- hire the right agency to craft your graphics, copy, and placement.  That's us.






We'd Be Honored To Serve You.

Since 2008, that's been the hallmark of how Carson Dunn Media Marketing and PR goes about meeting the needs of its clients. 

Best effort means one thing to us -- using our creative arsenal assist a client in achieving what is necessary to improve their position in within their market. Better, is working together with you. 

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