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Web Development 


Web development  has come a long way. WebSites are more than intriguing graphics and copy. They have wonderous technological developed  into them, like metrics, analytical data capacity, as well as social media measurement.

A well thought out site gives a business true advantage marketing -- introducing a company to potentially more customer that it can handle.

It's an exciting, brave new world. One thing about our site is that it is highly visually pleasing -- partly get you to look at it -- but mainly to make you contact and partner with us.

We use Google analytics, and social measurement tracking, so don't be fooled by simplicity. Why are so many advertising, marketing and PR sites are bland , or copycat ( 'We got video -- he got video -- all God's children got video'), and yet you deal with them?

Digital agencies are mostly flatness, static and stale.  That's the end design you will get. We don't copy anyone, so our work is original. That's the qualitative difference.

We're A Great Investment


We're not going to use that cliche term about being cutting edge -- we think of ourselves a step beyond that. At Carson Dunn Media, we pledge one thing: quality.

You can't expect a cheap WebSite to be anything but rudimentary -- cheap. WebSites provide visibility to consumers if it is accompanied with these enhancements:

1) SEO                                                                                                   

2) Design                                                                                     


4) Online Content

 5) Apps specific to a business, and,                                   

6) CRM,

7) Email marketing.

A lot of web design companies use overseas providers.

If you run into a problem, guess what? We stand by our work.