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Social Media Marketing & Management


Welcome to marketing's brave new world.

We specialize in developing innovative social media and online marketing campaigns to build brand awareness and drive targeted website traffic.

It's time to expand your marketing.

There are tools now available to businesses because of the growth of social media. We're not talking about  'likes' on Facebook.

Carson Dunn Media Marketing/PR develops innovative social media and online marketing campaigns to build brand awareness and drive website traffic.

Our copywriters write amazing  posts specific to your brand’s guidelines. Our graphics people fashion pages to bring attention to social media ad campaigns.

Your market is talking to others about your brand. Are you missing from the conversation and contributing? Your participation improves receptiveness to your brand.

Two-thirds of one and a half billion active users consider Facebook as a trustworthy source for receiving product and service recommendations. Facebook is just one platform, but we integrate others with consistent content that will lead users to buy your products. 

What Social Media Management Will Do 

Obtain Results 

We assign a social media account executive to monitor your platforms and your audience. You'll receive a monthly detailed report analysis of your audience growth, sales leads, and conversions. We improve your marketing presence by acquiring real followers.
Engage Your Audience
We provide the type of content that gets people's attention on social media to generate maximum conversation about your products. Your account executive will use tools such as blogging. posting, and newsletters to connect your brand voice to social media.
Allocate and Save Your Time
We handle the daily tasks required to maintain a social media presence, allowing you to concentrate on running your business.
Maximize Your Reach
Social media works best when integrated with your website, email marketing, and print collateral. We'll help you integrate your social media to the rest of your marketing plan, consistent with your goals.