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"Innovative Solutions from Innovative Ideas."






Funny what's on the road of discovery: truth; exaggeration and bullshit.


Here's our confession. We tell the truth. Have we ever missed a deadline? Yep. Two minutes to some arrogant dude who called and changed his mind at the last minute.


He held up our check for services, then fired us. Jackass.


Our exaggeration? We told ourselves it was okay. It wasn't.


That was plain bullshit. 


 If we claim our main concern in satisfying the oddest request by the oddest client, we confess, we'll do our best.


That is Client Service


If we have a harmony of ethics and a common vision, we are the right fit for you.   If not, friend, we are not the agency for you.


We have to confess, not every client and agency are good fits.


The determining factor is a client's needs, and our ability to meet those needs at the right price -- our fee -- and affordability. That's why public relations centered  marketing is your best ROI option.


If these fall into place, it's the right fit. 

stay in your lane

Carson Dunn Media Places Client First

No agency can be all things to everybody. There's no viable cookie-cutter approach because it neglects the variance of needs of similar businesses. So, we tailor services to impact a market. 

We also throw in a value added service for costs because it may enhance your project. Digital tools like apps. If we develop that for you, we throw in a landing page. Or, if we're preparing collateral -- some email marketing might help your company's goal.

It’s not free – we charge costs with no markup. It's also smart marketing.

The economy and the marketing industry have changed. Platforms and methods an agency can use to reach prospects have evolved with technological efficiency.

It's marketing PR

Our Past Clients Are Varied

There are areas our talents are better suited for. It allows us to provide the highest level of marketing.  We will not do PR for "the Man in the Moon," but he's got to pay the phone bill.

  1. Automotive Industry (including dealerships, distributors)
  2. Healthcare (hospitals, health clinics, physicians)
  3. Retailers  (Haircare, electronics)
  4. Apparel (manufacturers, designers) 
  5. Food Services (restaurants, suppliers,  energy drinks food trucks)
  6. Distilled Spirits
  7. Entertainment (performers, businesses) 

Our drop down menu amplifies on the six service platforms listed on our home page.

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