"Innovative Solutions from Innovative Ideas."


That’s not a cliché, but a means to an end.

Carson Dunn Media Marketing understands how to create effective marketing strategies and messages for brands. We use alchemy-- blending public relations, marketing strategies, video, collateral and social media marketing to promote clients and elevate their profiles.


Here's a reality. Every business can be swept away by either being out-strategized by competitors or overwhelmed by the fact that consumers have myriad choices from similar companies. Positioning clients ahead of competitors requires holistic marketing.  


Carson Dunn Media Marketing and Public Relations is successful at devising solutions that enable consumers to recognize and respond to the distinctiveness of a brand.


Our clients range the economic spectrum from small businesses, enterprise firms, and start-up. We give quality service to all of them. We believe our results have been measurable and with our flexible pricing structure, our clients experience maximum ROI.


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Our Story

Carson Dunn Media is truly an uplifting story of perseverance. Founded during the Great Recession of 2008 by Bernard Alexander McNealy, the small agency saw its client base dwindle. McNealy reinvented the marketing agency by placing public relations as its linchpin service. 


2010, 2011, 2012, the agency saw itself nominated for awards in copywriting, design, and creative work. During this time, the agency secured event promotion work for a well-known celebrity and lifestyle magazine owner, as well as an East Coast record company mogul. 


The growth process continued, however, public relations and marketing became separate components led by Carla Righetti, with founder McNealy retaining major ownership. We also birthed CDM Digital Advertising from our re-branded and revamped agency.

Our Process

Some outfits speak to you in nomenclature -- they might as well be speaking Maritan. It's baloney calculated to get you spend more than necessary.


Our process is a data-driven approach.  We research your market indicators, the pitfalls negatively impacting you to hone a strategy that leads to  a path to success.


Yeah, it's that basic.


Marketing is organic, so it common for us the use tactics such as SEO, analytics,  content marketing, PPC, and online reputation management, and interconnect social media, to show an increase in sales of about 25% by the third or fourth month of our relationship.




Carla Righetti, GM


Ra Heeza , Video


Grace Deroi 


Rod McGarrett, Dir. of Accounts 





Sasha Klone, Chief Developer



Oscar Bauman, Art/Design

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