Public Relations




Public Relations and Marketing Have Merged
What is Marketing Public Relations?
Carson Dunn Media Marketing practices the secret weapon of brand promotion -- Marketing Public Relations (MPR). 

MPR combines marketing and public relations techniques to create brand awareness. 

MPR adds credibility to sales messages, providing:

  • 1) Advertorials
  • 2) Media promotion
  • 3) Celebrity product endorsements
  • 4) Online communication
  • 5) Press conferences about new products or services
  • 6) Sponsorship
  • 7) Social responsibility.
  • 8)  Press releases

Marketing Public Relations, as a communicative discipline, makes your marketing and public relations issues suited for Carson Dunn Media to handle.


Marketing Public Relations is Versatile 

Success in business can be driven by internal strategy and sheer determination. Conversely, external things, such as attacks on your individual or business reputation may come together not only hurting growth and revenue but jeopardizing the company's  survival. 

The right agency is one that's proactive and uses MPR as a tool of positive influence. CDM Digital will engage your detractors online and verticals designed to restore you to a positive light. 

An MPR strategy is multi-channel and encompasses:


  • 1)   Message Development
  • 2)  Media Engagement
  • 3)  An Insurgent Marketing Campaign
  • 4)  Placement of Online Clarification
  • 5)   Press Releases
  • 6)   Online/Digital  Advocacy
  • 7)   Advertorials    

In a nutshell, these methods are the evolved, new nature of public relations and marketing.