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Carson Dunn Media Marketing & Public Relations uniquely melds social media marketing with marketing, and public relations to promote brands and companies.


The reason is very simple -- businesses succeed if brand recognition triggers consumer response. That will only happen if a company develops strategies to elevate it above competitors.


Marketing and public relations are messages that place a company and its brand in the minds of customers. Customers that appreciate the quality of a product's workmanship are loyal and consistent.


Call us full service or even boutique, it doesn't matter. But, our ability to do the job does.  We provide technology-based solutions driven by traditional client services. The approach is holistic and affordable.


We believe your success depends on forging Innovative Solutions from Innovative Ideas. 



Our Services

Public Relations

Public Relations allows a company to use media, online, and PR articles to extend its presence and message from local to global.

Social Media Marketing

Integrating social media platforms and marketing allow businesses to benefit from an online presence, while engaging customers.

Marketing Reseach

All companies, regardless of their size are a step ahead by engaging in: Research, White Paper, Analysis and Planning


Collateral represents your unique marketing voice using Brochures; Newsletters, Catalogs, Website Content Blogs, and Video.


Branding ensures the uniqueness of a business and sets it apart from
competitors with Strategy, Design, and Packaging

Web Development

Websites provide visibility to consumers if it is accompanied with these tools:
SEO, Design, PPC, Online Content, Apps specific to a business, and CRM.

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Our Process

A Small Sample of Our Work

Agencies are not created equal. Some are huge; some are small; and, others aren't really agencies. They may be the local printer or a sign hanger, but they get tagged "agency." Fine.

Besides being a term of the art, an agency is an organization that handles marketing smooth and professionally. Your business needs this for growth and survival. Relax.

Carson Dunn Media  is an agency that knows how to guard your money as we find innovative solutions from innovative ideas. 

Why not our full portfolio? We're not show offs and do hard selling. Our work is interesting enough to warrant your attention.                                                       

 Marketing blends disciplines                                                        


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Promotion of appearance of Ballet Afsaneh 


                       with Yo Yo Ma

Hiring Us

Starts with a phone call or email.

What do you get that's different?

1) We're good looking and personable.

2) We hire enthusiastic, superb talent.

3) A senior staffer oversees your account.

4) We're patient and will stay on your project until completion.

5) We partner with a technological marketing agency to give you state-of-the-art automation.

6) Our pricing is flexible.

7) We're creative and very cool.

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